By Diary of an average hunter

After much deliberation, the Shooting Australia forum meet held over the weekend was a great success and a terrific time was had by all. The weekend would not have been such a success without the exceptional help by those involved. I think I speak on behalf of all the members involved when I say that we ate like kings and were in want of nothing. The festivities began on Friday evening with the majority of members opting for the 2 day weekend. After a quick setup of camp it was onto the introductions





(Camp construction complete, let the good times roll)


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By Pilch303

I applied for the F-class open team that was going to go to Canada in 2002 not knowing how I would go. I was 27 at the time. I had an open rifle that was made up from an old school shilen bench rifle. I had this chambered in 308 and it booted like a cow. It was to light in weight, but did it shoot! I managed the first 10 shot possible at 300 yards in Australia using the 10 ring f open targets. This was before electronic targets, so the target was pulled between shots.

IMG 3852


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                        I.P.S.C (International Practical Shooting Confederation)


The IPSC motto in Latin, Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas (DVC) Accuracy, Power, Speed.


In approximately 1950 an IPSC shooting style developed, then in early 1976 sporting individuals from around the globe met in America and formulated rules and the structure under which IPSC evolved, also a constitution was established and the Confederation born. In IPSC shooting the main emphasis is on safety of the shooter and all others, through safe gun handling skills and the rules which govern the sport. The elements of Accuracy, combined with Speed and the power of the handgun are regarded equally in scoring, and during a competition determine the shooters score. IPSC is shot as a sport in over 55 countries broken into various geographical regions. IPSC was established to promote, maintain and advanced practical marksmanship, we look forward to your participation, your interest and to continue using this forum, information will be disseminated and please contribute so we all learn more.

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Lady With A Gun

female hunter

Written by: Melissa Murray

I suppose the best way to start is by introducing myself. I am a 35 year old woman living with an amazingly supportive partner and I have had many different careers and hobbies in my life so far. I have been a receptionist, secretary, data entry officer and much more. I have a Diploma of Beauty Therapy and have worked at one of WA’s elite day spa. My working life took a different turn when I decided to study for a Bachelor of Nursing degree, which I am halfway through. I have bred and shown dogs for the best part of 11 years, and still show them occasionally. Whilst undertaking my degree I have worked in a nursing home as a carer. I suppose what I am trying to put forward is that I am a normal, average person leading a normal, average life. A normal, average person who happens to like firearms. In fact, after being introduced to my partner 4 years ago, we found we had a common interest in guns and between us we now own five rifles and a shotgun.


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How do I pattern my new shotgun to determine where it is shooting?

I get asked this question at least twice a week so I thought I would share the answer here.


Above Photo: Bottom Barrel: 20 metres - Modified Choke - 55%/45% pattern - Shotshell: RC 4 24g 8 1/2


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So you brought a .223 or considering buying one!
( This could also be used for other calibers also )
Below is a rough guide to this little engine that could."The little giant killer" I like to call it.



Photo of my old (Retired) girl with her new Factory Tikka 1-8 barrel. She started life as a second handy sporter profile and then two heavy krieger barrels, a second bolt and firing pin + Spring, 4 mags and then finally the CDI DBM mag assembly ) I got the latest barrel ( I -8 ) for $300 :) This day was about 2 year ago sniping unsuspecting bunnie's at 500yards
I used nickel plated brass for my hunting rounds to keep them separate from my target rounds using the same 75grn A-Max


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Target shooting is one of the oldest organized sports in Australia with records dating back to British Marines at Sydney Cove in 1788. Early competitive matches were often conducted in the grounds of local hotels with substantial prizes offered by patrons.

Australia's First Marksmen

Australia's first marksmen were convicts and marines who landed at Sydney Cove with the First Fleet in 1788. During the famine year of 1790, Governor Phillip selected the best marksmen from both the marine guards and the convicts and organised them into hunting parties. While weapons were strictly controlled in the colony, he appointed convict John McIntyre as the official hunter for the settlement. McIntyre and others were granted a licence to carry firearms, originally the ' Brown Bess' Rifle Short Land Pattern Musket which had a 42" barrel and a range of 100 - 200 yards. The marksmen kept the colony supplied with fresh meat from kangaroos and emus until a relief ship arrived. Thus began a long tradition of partnership between military and civilian rifle shooting in Australia.

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